Frequently Asked Questions


FAQs are funny. They’re really more aptly described as Frequently Anticipated Questions, rather than Frequently Asked. Here’s what I think you might want to know.

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How does this all work?

Well, first we’ll talk about what you need. (I prefer to do this via email so I have everything in writing, but we can chat on the phone too if you prefer.) Then, I’ll send you a contract outlining what we’ve agreed upon and ask that you pay a retainer fee for hourly work or a 50% deposit for flat-rate work. Alternatively, if you only plan on hiring me for writing, you can do that through Contently.

The last virtual assistant I had charged $15 an hour. Why are your rates so much more?

I’m not a virtual assistant; I provide high level support and project management. I set my rates anticipating that most of my clients would need my help for only a few hours a month. However! If you need more hours than that, I can offer a discount.

Can you manage my social media accounts?

I’m happy to write copy for social media or edit copy written by you or someone else on your team, but I’m not up-to-date on current best practices or algorithms for the various social media platforms. It’s just not my thing.

Do you do SEO?

I can help implement a plan given to you by an SEO consultant, but I do not perform SEO audits.

Do you do photography?

While I used to do my own photography as a food blogger, I’m not a professional photographer by any means. If you hire me for recipe development and you need images too, I will arrange for a professional photographer to work with me to take the photos.

Do you still have a food blog?

I sometimes blog at, but as a hobby.

Will you come to my location to work?

Working for local businesses that I love gives me the warm fuzzies. That said, because I have a micro preemie with special needs and a fragile immune system, I need to work from home.